CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.

GameBOX Training Program on the CZECH Platform Achieves Major Milestone with 2,500 Passes


We have achieved a major milestone in the GameBOX training program on the CZECH platform, with 2,500 passes completed.

We have achieved a significant milestone in the GameBOX training program on the CZECH platform, with 2,500 passes completed. The project was a collaboration between CZECH.UP, Ponk, and EPMA. Responsibility for the project and grant management fell to EPMA. We have recorded passes in the following order: CZ, SK, ENG, DE, and PL, with other languages to follow. We discovered that automatic translations for “small” languages, such as HU, are imperfect, which may explain the lack of interest in those languages. However, we are working on fixed language versions translated by native speakers, thanks to our developing international team.

We have updated the website as a communication center where product social networks will be linked. Additionally, we have created an independent and open social network that provides services to many target groups. We have also developed a new set of situations, tasks, and game pieces to present after the final report’s approval. Having tested these innovations, we can say they are exciting and something to look forward to.

Other “LP” platforms of CZECH, such as UP, JukeBOX, CyberBOX, and FinBOX, are moving to the subsequent phases. If you enjoy our platform, you will have more content for your training.

We understand that JukeBOX will require additional support, especially for new users. We are working on this in connection with further cooperation and other projects. We appreciate the efforts of new team members, such as Denisa Uhlířová and Denisa Záchenská, and regret not having met them sooner. The current version of GameBOX could have been much more advanced if we had collaborated with them earlier.