CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.



CZECH.UP has developed and manages platforms such as CZECH.UP JukeBOX independently and apart from all external financing and liabilities. Therefore, it hereby sets unsurpassed rules for their use in partnership. Each partner who wants to use these platforms is obliged to respect these rules and otherwise to CZECH.UP unequivocally states that it will not participate in the cooperation.

JukeBOX is a platform for experiential (gamified) education, which is close in scope to the logic of micro-learning. It uses a separate CZECH.UP LPs, which are specific content to train.

The platform is established as open, allowing creators, mentors and users to collaborate. The owner of the platform is Panatec s.r.o. and the administrator is CZECH.UP z.s. The platform, its SW parts and neither repeated procedures nor other parts are NEVER subject to projects in such a way as to entail any risk of disposal of these assets. At the moment, this applies primarily to CZECH.UP JukeBOX, as a platform and for LP GameBOX and CyberBOX, which were created within Erasmus+.

All CZECH.UP LPs are named xxx.BOX.

We have protected the rights to the JukeBOX logic through annotations in collections:

  • in IPEEK 2022 ISBN 978-80-974261-0-1 EAN 9788097426101
  • in NEK 2022 SBN 978-80-973571-3-9 EAN 9788097357139
  • at the CZECH.UP web site (

Structure of CZECH. UP Jukebox:

  1. Platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX includes all management of experiential education:
    • Support for the establishment and education of the team, including international
    • Supporting the emergence and communication of the community, including international
    • Inalienability of outputs and enforceability of platform rules
    • Support for the creation, implementation, digitization and testing of courses
    • Support for communication with clients and their representatives, always primarily through the project and product stands on the portal
    • Promoting the use of a unified visual, communication channels and rules, quality assessment systems
    • The Owner’s Certification Authority (Panatec s.r.o.) in cooperation with the platform administrator (CZECH.UP z.s.)
  2. JukeBOX Supplementary Agendas
  3. The LP JukeBOX field covers a set of LP and LP slots for the given field and a specific demonstrator (team) then covers the relevant Slots and separate LPs in this field. In cross-cutting fields (“Green Deal Communication”), the head of the overall JukeBOX Demonstrator makes decisions, especially in accordance with the project where they are founded.
    • CZECH.UP Demonstrator Team is created during its foundation and remains unchanged
    • If a team member leaves their role, they will be replaced by another candidate without compensation. CZECH.UP nor the Demonstrators themselves establish appropriate funds.
  4. Slot of LP platform CZECH.UP is a comprehensive set of micro-learnings that are bounded and defined.

    In the Erazmus+ project, for example, the LP Slot is being created for the adaptation of children from children’s homes to enter everyday life Level 1.

    Level 1 always means that it is an LP or Slot, which is created within the grant project and must be provided free of charge. This does not apply to a user who has grossly violated the rules of cooperation over the JukeBOX platform and its partners and clients. They have the opportunity to work with a more suitable partner and then have free access as well.

    In this example, for example, LP for personal finance management, the legal minimum, familiarization with important authorities and obligations to the state will be created. All these courses and the whole slot must be set up to establish such a field for JukeBOX – Demonstrator (even cross) in such a way as to maintain the potential of creating other Levels (versions) that will be commercial and allow the sustainability of the entire Demonstrator of this field LP.
  5. CZECH.UP LP is one specific course for which the rules on Level (version) management and thus sustainability apply equivalently.

Operation of JukeBOX (CZECH. UP LP) consists of:

  1. Overall project management (e.g. LP GameBOX)
  2. Methodical management of specific CZECH.UP LP
  3. JukeBOX code that allows you to run a specific CZECH.UP LP – i.e. specific trainings, which is inalienable and is never the subject of projects (author Vladimír Němec for CZECH.UP)
  4. Code of tools to support the creation of CZECH.UP LP – will be developed in parallel with the selected project with organizational functionality, author Vladimír Němec. It is inalienable and is never the subject of projects
  5. Each LP itself consists of:
    • Game plan – for example, in GameBOX prepared by CZECH.UP (Nácovský, Handl)
    • SW add-on for game board (Vladimír Němec)
    • Skin (front-end) – for example, in GameBOX was implemented by Vít Skála
    • Content (figures, set of stories and quests) – in GameBOX created by CZECH.UP (Panatec) in cooperation with Ponk
  6. Hosting
  7. Code maintenance
  8. Media coverage
  9. Search and management of projects
  10. Finding and managing social responsibility
  11. Search and management of partnerships
  12. Trade, sharing, exchange, cooperation

Organizational support:

  1. Organization of the platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX

    The Demonstrator CZECH.UP JukeBOX is governed by the rules of CZECH.UP, which are further specified for this Demonstrator. When the rules of CZECH.UP are changed, the subordinate rules of all demonstrators are changed equivalently.
    1. All rights to the SW and the content that arose for use in the CZECH.UP, which manages them. They are owned by Panatec s.r.o. This is a precautionary measure against the loss of these assets.

      CZECH.UP also uses the SW and content of members and partners, which are their contribution to the association. Here, the first sentence of this paragraph applies only to those parts that were created for the needs of CZECH.UP and for the share of the association or its members (for example, setting up a general DAS template for cataloguing under the name K_IVS (Katalog inovativních veřejných služeb (Catalogue of Innovative Public Services)).
    2. Role:
      • The author and head of the JukeBOX project is Pavel Nácovský, CZECH.UP – Panatec, including mediality and graphics
      • Development is provided and organized by Vladimír Němec
      • The JukeBOX platform may or may not use other platforms for a particular LP, such as Catalogue or CZECH.UP Identity Space
      • The JukeBOX platform may or may not use the CZECH.UP community private social network for a particular LP
      • The JukeBOX platform may or may not use the CZECH.UP Process Virtual Guide for a particular LP, or other platforms and tools
      • Platforms (applications) – CZECH.UP within the framework of European cooperation and projects with European support prepares platforms into which the necessary functionalities are incorporated, such as the functionalities of the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform: CZECH.UP SCALE.UP, CZECH.UP Komenium.UP and others.
  2. Sustainability and mutual financing of related activities of CZECH.UP

    CZECH.UP is an open association in which members invest their assets (SW, expertise, project implementation, …) in order to be able to further specialize, but at the same time to be able to create a comprehensive quality innovative offer in a defined environment.

    The JukeBOX project was released by Panatec in favour of CZECH.UP to enable the association to continuously finance operations and development. At the same time, in cooperation with its own members and partners and professional partners (e.g. foreign networks), to create such an offer so that it gradually arouses interest in membership among those types of partners and members who are entering, especially so that they can jointly use CZECH.UP’s services. Therefore, part of the revenue of the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform is intended for the author, founder of the Demonstrator and project leader for the operation and development of the association.

    Methods of LP financing:

    CZECH.UP assumes that each demonstrator is independently financeable and at the same time participates in the operation and development activities of CZECH.UP, because these activities also bring other possibilities of applying the outputs of Demonstrators.
    • Grant projects
    • Sale of rights to LP, vending machines and related services (lecturers, mentors)
    • Corporate and corporate social responsibility