CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.

Presentation of CZECH.UP JukeBOX, CyberBOX and GameBOX at the international NEK conference in Slovakia in Košice.


NARA-SK, in cooperation with CZECH.UP and several Slovak clusters (National Energy Cluster of Slovakia, REPRIK, ...) participated in the organization and realization of the international conference in Košice.

The presentation of the CZECH.UP JukeBOX platform was authorized by the platform owner Panatec s.r.o. with the fact that it will be conducted by certified methodologists and the author of the platform and courses that can be created and run in this platform. These presented courses are LPs that were created within the framework of Erasmus+ and are co-financed by the EU: GameBOX and CyberBOX.

The presentation was led by the certified main methodologist of CZECH.UP JukeBOX (including LP GameBOX and CyberBOX) Denisa Uhlířová (certificate number 230517) with the support of the author of the platform and mentioned LPs Pavel Nácovský and the head of the Slovak version of the project Ján Plesník.

The management and participants of the international conference supported the JukeBOX platform, its settings and specifically the LP (including those listed), even formally. Awarded certificate No. 202305001 to the main methodologist Denise Uhlířová, where her certificate is accepted by the methodologist exhibited by Panatec and at the same time, based on the presentations and overall communication of the platform and courses, it certifies Denisa Uhlířová for the scope of the Digital platform for modeling and sharing collaborative services and the position of the main methodologist of the platform for gamified education CZECH.UP JukeBOX.

The outcome of this event is a concrete offer of cooperation for partners CZECH.UP and NARA-SK on collaboration and education projects from branch and regional clusters, schools and universities and offices, bodies and agencies of public administration and municipalities.


We consider this international event to be very successful, also because we adapted to the language and conducted it in Czech and Slovak. At the same time, we presented many examples of the use of individual platforms and how to work with them. CZECH.UP and NARA-SK jointly published all the documentation and descriptions of the platforms and their application in the official proceedings of the conference ISBN 978-80-973571-6-1 with contributions:

Photos from the event: