CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.

5.000 passes of the JukeBOX training platform – GameBOX and CyberBOX courses 


Platform for experiential trainings CZECH.UP JukeBOX, which is provided by the CZECH.UP association to its partners, according to the rules of cooperation and the public celebrated 5,000 passes. These include the full operation of GameBOX since the beginning of this year and the test operation of GameBOX last year and CyberBOX and FinBOX this year.

Passes in test mode represent about 450 passes for GameBOX and about 600 passes for CyberBOX. The increase in the number of tests is then pushed mainly by the interest of young community members, for which we are glad. 

An important milestone of the JukeBOX platform was the establishment and certification of national methodologists and their leadership in a team of methodologists. 

Even with their help, a completely new engine (middle layer) was created, which is more advanced and at the same time more suitable for the first acquaintance with the platform. So now we work in the logic of multiple engines and for each engine with more templates. Evaluation systems are also part of the templates. In the second engine, we can work with multiple APIs and with a multi-element system of game assets. If these words seem complicated to you now, then you will see that young methodologists have managed to simplify training over this logic. 

We have had many meetings with representatives of young people and their teachers and we have dealt with dozens of interesting suggestions. This moves us forward while supporting cooperation within our national communities. They are our main communication channel and directly address other interesting partners. This approach has proven to be extremely successful and I thank each of our co-workers for taking the trouble to cooperate and make it possible for others to do the same. 

Statistics of trainees by country are not accurate, as we can only rely on the selected language and national domain of the applicant. So English and the domain *.com distorts the statistics. For our needs it is enough that we see a significant success of communities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We can find a significant community in Poland. After an international conference in Košice, attended by professors of Austrian universities, we can see a growing interest in Austria, Spain and Slovenia. There is a stable interest in Germany. The ratio of Czech and Slovak applicants is approximately the same as the number of applicants from other countries. 

In the operation of the platform, we have also noticed behavior that contradicts the rules of Erasmus and the rules of the JukeBOX platform, which we had to deal with. Such a violations are a risk to sustainability. We find that JukeBOX will have to strengthen both organizational and technical mechanisms so that decent candidates can join to common activities, including training. 

The JukeBOX platform is young and requires you to create a supercritical amount of content now in order to survive. After the failure of agreements with a partner in spring 2023, we are now continuing with better partnerships in the preparation of projects in the multi-source financing regime.