CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.

Dissemination activity report “International CyberBOX Meeting”


The partners of the ERASMUS+ CyberBOX project, who are involved in the development of innovative educational trainings, had a significant presence at the international conference Energofutura, which took place on May 18, 2023 in Košice. The conference section focused on the presentation of new and innovative ways of education on the Community Innovation Platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX.

At this important event, the partners had the opportunity to present the newly emerging CyberBOX training, which they prepared with a focus on teaching cybersecurity. The project represents an innovative approach to education in an area that is extremely topical for the young generation nowadays, which is handling their security, whether on the Internet or in everyday life outside it. The partners represented the Slovak and Czech side of the project. Ing. Ján Plesník, a representative of NARA-SK, was a representative of the Slovak Republic, while Ing. Pavel Nácovský and Denisa Uhlířová from CZECH.UP represented the Czech Republic.  


The meeting was successful and attendance was plentiful. Presentations and discussions focused on innovations in education and cybersecurity provided a valuable space for the exchange of views and ideas. We believe that participation in this conference contributed to spreading awareness about this topic and new technologies, innovative solutions or youth cooperation will help move this goal forward.

The event took place at 18. 5. 2023, 8:00 – 19:00.

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