CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.

Stabilization of the SW version of Live CyberBOX during the sustainability of the project


CyberBOX is a gamified course operated by the Platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX. This platform is owned by Panatec s.r.o., which has placed it under the administration of the CZECH Innovation Association. UP. The operation of JukeBOX and individual courses (e.g. CyberBOX) is managed by organizations that actually participate in cooperation and comply with the rules set by this community.

We respond to the comments (thank you) of Petr Pavlinec from the Vysočina Region and other people who helped us to improve the project outcams.

The CyberBOX project was implemented from 1.10.2022 to 30.9.2023. Its task was to:

  1. Establish functional national communities
  2. learn together how to create a gamified course on cyber security Level 1 for young people

No project has ever dealt with the creation of any program code (SW), but has focused on the creation of content displayed in the course, which is stored in the digital structure that the JukeBOX platform is able to work with. Thus, the Erasmus+ projects did not support the innovation of the JukeBOX platform or the technical means such as hosting, security, accessibility, and so on. This was provided outside the CZECH.UP project. UP from its own resources.

The project primarily supported the community in the Czech Republic (created and managed by CZECH.UP) and Slovakia (created and managed by NARA-SK). Beyond the scope of the project, the interest of other national communities was also managed, where we also identified their relationship to other Erasmus+ projects (e.g. exchange projects).

The last activity of the project was testing and subsequent activities based on testing. In this phase, which was managed by the national methodologist of Slovakia, CyberBOX was tested from many perspectives by interested parties, especially the Slovak community. The Czech, Polish and Hungarian communities were involved to a lesser extent. The focus was therefore on Slovak.

The number of evaluated passes was close to one thousand (i.e. an order of magnitude more than we had planned. There were also more groups working in parallel. Therefore, we had to create our own instance for each of them, and then we had to deal with a large number of conflicting proposals, opinions and recommendations. At this stage, our effort was to withstand and manage this onslaught and not to disappoint any person interested in cooperation.

At the beginning of routine operation, the following tasks occur:

  1. According to the plan, the CyberBOX project is being taken over by the Czech community led by Jan Čáp and Patrik Vacík (VOŠ Ledeč nad Sázavou – CZECH interns. UP, i.e. the methodology of the Team for Digitization of the Platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX.
  2. Comments on the content of the training are processed, on an instance that is newly created. We don’t want to transfer and introduce errors and problems (e.g. language) into the production database.
  3. Technical solutions for the Live instance are being consolidated, with the following recommendation:
    1. On the login screen at the bottom, there will be information about the name of the server on which the training is hosted (as long as we are here)
    2. The live version will always be on port 448, or methodically equivalent; Other ports will be chosen for test instances, depending on their availability. This also means the need to complete collaboration with testers and technicians when transferring instances to the Live port
    3. The mail server will be solved in connection with the integration of a private social network to the CZECH platforms. UP (expected 11/2023)
    4. Front-end – the user is informed that it is not intended for phones and is intended for a specific resolution. The development was discussed today with the Media and Communication Team.
    5. The Media and Communication team will verify texts on tables (logins, etc.) that may be translated from a dialect of a particular language into another language inappropriately. Care is needed here, because we no longer perceive the frames that are often in front of our eyes.
    6. We will try to use jokes (my photo, etc.) on an instance other than live
    7. As far as the content of live training is concerned, I consider the current procedure to be correct:
      1. When one community passes it to another (other nations), the content is deleted and starts again.
      2. Features are gradually launched to verify from simple to more complicated, once the community has mastered the previous step
      3. All steps are backed up, even at the instance level
      4. We will publish the live version at the moment when it is already relevant for the planned target group, not in the initial stages, with the understanding that the partner may be interested in the dynamic shift in content. Let’s accept that the course is important for us, but it may not be equally important for a particular visitor

We would like to thank everyone who is active in the cooperation, regardless of their locale. We would like to thank our Slovak partners (the NARA-SK community) and also the leaders of the Czech community for their great work. Thank you for the interest and activities of communities from Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Spain. We would also like to thank Austria, Germany, Holland and other great communities for their support.

We are looking forward to new projects that are being created and to working with various educational institutions, which we hereby greet.

We are happy for the financial cooperation with commercial partners and donors who saved us as part of the crisis management of one of the projects.

I would like to thank my colleagues for their dedicated work and a great working atmosphere at CZECH.UP NARA-SK and our other verified partners.