CZECH.UP CyberBOX je úvodní gamifikovaný znalostní kurz pro oblast kybernetické bezpečnosti podpořený z programu ERASMUS+.

Project CyberBOX

Throughout the year 2023, we closely monitored the collaboration between our member, the National Recycling Agency Slovakia (NARA-SK), and the Czech association CZECH.UP in the development, education, and dissemination of the Erasmus+ project CyberBOX. Gamified Knowledge Training on the JukeBOX Platform

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The genesis of the project from the point of view of the Slovak partner

In 2023, we actively started working with our partner from the Czech Republic, CZECH.UP association, on a new Erasmus+ project called Cyberbox. This project is a gamified knowledge program that leverages artificial intelligence to support the entrepreneurial skills of young people and adults. The CyberBOX project is based on the gamified training platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX.

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Dissemination activity report “International CyberBOX Meeting”

The partners of the ERASMUS+ CyberBOX project, who are involved in the development of innovative educational trainings, had a significant presence at the international conference Energofutura, which took place on May 18, 2023 in Košice. The conference section focused on the presentation of new and innovative ways of education on the Community Innovation Platform CZECH.UP JukeBOX.

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